No two manuscripts are alike.

Which is why you want a self-publishing company that can shape itself to your book,
and not the other way around.

Here at CanamBooks, every project we work on is unique, and so is every quote we present. Tell us where you’re at in your process, and together we’ll find the right publishing solution for you.

Your manuscript has been reviewed by an editor and prepared for print by a graphic designer. All that’s left is to send us your print-ready PDF files.


Your manuscript has been edited and polished by a professional, and now you’re looking for a graphic designer to design the book and prepare it for print.

Design & Print

You’ve just finished writing your manuscript, or you’re nearly done, and you’re starting to think about making it into a book. You’re looking for a self-publishing company to guide you through the process and to put you in touch with the right professionals.


What is a self-publishing company?

A self-publishing company helps authors publish their own works. We act as a hub that connects you with the right professionals who will help you publish a high-quality book. We’re also constantly innovating, creating tools to help authors write, create and sell their book. We are not a publishing house. Your book remains yours, both creatively and financially. We don’t claim royalties on your sales, and we put in direct contact with an editor and graphic designer so you can get the best price possible.

Publishing doesn’t end when your book is printed. Whether you’re putting the finishing touches to your manuscript or you’re ready to print, it’s never too early or too late to start thinking about how you’re going to market and sell your book.

Ask us about the different commercial funnels that CanamBooks has to offer to help you sell your book: online bookstore, print on demand, personalized author’s website, international sale, ebook creation and distribution, etc.

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