The CanamBooks Team

Jordan Dessertine

Self-publishing Coordinator

I’ll be your guide from manuscript to published book and beyond. It’s my job to put you in touch with the right professionals to make your creative vision a printed and bound reality.

Reading habits: My heart belongs to Haruki Murakami and my soul to Hermann Hesse. These two authors have helped shape my love of both words and the world, its inner and outer dimensions, and proved faithful companions on many a night and travel.

Sylvie Dulac

Accounts Manager

I’ll be the one to assist you over the course of your project. It’s my job to help you find the publishing solutions that best fit your book.

Reading habits: I enjoy reading historical novels and biographies, generally in the evening and on weekends. My favourite place to read? In the sun!

Henri Dulac

Production Manager

My daily responsibilities include managing CanamBooks’ production schedules and ensuring that your printed books meet the high standards we’ve come to be known for. I bring my detail-oriented eye to bear on all projects that come my way.

Reading habits: I’m a Sunday morning reader, preferably with coffee and croissant in hand. My interests include books on geometry, architecture, and life stories.

Louis de Bernis

Marketing Coordinator

I’m the one who’s pulling the strings of CanamBooks’ website and social networks. My goal? To create discussion around the beautiful adventure that is self-publishing. Making ideas into books: it’s easier than you think!

Reading habits: A lover of novels and of theatre, you’ll likely find me leafing through a tome on the bus or in the park. Did you recently read a book that intrigued, surprised or amused you? My curiosity welcomes suggestions of all kinds!

Simon Dulac


In creating CanamBooks my goal has been to offer Canadian authors an alternative to the publishing house that meets and exceeds professional standards. CanamBooks embraces technical innovation and emerging ways of doing business that empower authors, both creatively and financially.

Reading habits: I’m a reader of novels, biographies and short stories, but my passion is for history and political analysis. At my advanced age, I still and especially appreciate books that make me grow.

Benjamin Kwan Teau

IT Development Manager

My daily responsiblities include helping make authors’ lives easier and making the CanamBooks team as efficient as possible. I am in charge of the technological solutions and constant innovation that are the backbone of CanamBooks.

Reading habits: I’m an avid reader of science-fiction and fantasy. I’m most likely to be found travelling one of Montreal’s metro lines with book in hand.

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