Publishing a book? Time to build your very own author’s website.

The internet is a great way to put you in direct contact with potential readers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A author’s website is your opportunity to introduce your work, respond to readers’ questions and promote sales of your book.

author's website

Have your very own online bookstore

For a competitive price, we will build a customized mini-website for you and your book.

Building upon the most successful online sales strategies, we offer a service that includes:

  • collaborative composition of website text and layout that will attract the attention of potential readers and is optimized for Web 3.0;
  • the creation and maintenance of the author’s website. Your webpage’s URL belongs to you and is secured by an SSL certificate.

Here are a few things to consider adding to your website to make it stand out:

  • your sales pitch
  • excerpts from your book
  • reader reviews
  • links to social media platforms
  • a built-in book ordering platform
  • exclusive offers such as purchasing through subscription
  • the option to subscribe to your newsletter

Your author’s website can host up to five titles. If you are a serial author or an independent publishing house, ask us about the option of creating a multi-title online bookstore.

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