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Publish an ebook

Ebooks come in a number of formats: ePub, MOBI, nook, ibook, PDF, etc. The most useful format is ePub, because of its universality. It’s adapted to all tablets and readers (with the exception of Amazon). In ePub form, a book’s layout can be adapted in realtime according to the reader’s preferences. EPubs also support hyperlinks making for quick browsing from the table of contents to the different book sections.

To protect or not to protect?

When working with our graphic designers, we do not use DRM protection, as it can be disabled in less than 30 seconds by anyone with a bit of knowledge on the subject. What’s more, DRM protection complicates the user experience to such a point that it discourages readers from buying books with DRM.

Our advice? To avoid seeing your book pirated, sell it for less than 10$.


Selling your ebook

You now have an ebook version of your book. Make it available to online buyers by placing it on the CanamBooks online bookstore.

Sell your ebook on our online bookstore and get royalties equal to 70% of your book’s sale price. If your print book is already being sold on our bookstore, we’ll host your ebook for free!

Another advantage of the CanamBooks online bookstore: you’ll be given access to your very own clientspace, where you’ll be able to track your sales in real time, 24/7.

Your ebook on Amazon

Our online bookstore is the ideal point of sale for your ebook, worldwide.

If you’d like to increase your audience by reaching out to the Kindle readership (MOBI format), we’ll take care of putting your ebook in the Amazon Kindle store. Contact us to start connecting with your readers.

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