The zebra is the only wild animal that has eluded man’s attempts to domesticate. Its stripes allow it to hide in wooded areas and to stand out when in the open.

In the highly codified world of publishing, CanamBooks seeks to embrace accepted conventions while also affirming its originality and opening new paths forward.

What is assisted self-publishing?

With the concomitant advent of digital printing and the internet, the conditions for a major reordering of the publishing world have been met. This reordering must first and foremost benefit the author, who in traditional publishing circuits has been all too often alienated from her or his creative work and royalties. As an alternative to this frustrating situation, CanamBooks has put forward the concept of assisted self-publishing, the winning solution for the author. Assisted self-publishing answers all of the author’s needs: whether it’s strictly printing, or professional layout and design, or an all-inclusive solution for authors seeking a complete service. Not to mention our four commercial channels.

Our philosophy can be stated in a single sentence: to combine the know-how of serious publishing professionals with the most up-to- date technical solutions, in order to help authors obtain the satisfaction they expect from their publication, as well as fair remuneration.

Author’s rights with CanamBooks

Rule #1: Authors retain 100% of their rights.

Rule #2: We are committed to offering authors the same technical solutions and the same production standards they would expect to receive if they were editors.

Rule #3: Every author who chooses to work with us with benefit from the same level of availability and advice, regardless of whether they choose our Presto Printing, Pro Design or All-inclusive Publishing service.

Rule #4: CanamBooks was created in order to put authors first.

Rule #5: We offer all our authors the option to make their books available 24/7, all across Canada.

Rule #6: We pay royalties to authors on a monthly basis (granted they have an active Paypal account).

Rule #7: We guarantee higher royalties on sales to our authors, thanks to our simplified editorial chain.

Rule #8: We are constantly innovating so that authors can expand their audience.

Rule #9: We are committed to continually sharing our knowledge and experience with authors, because we believe that the more informed an author is, the greater his or her success will be.

Rule #10: We put our best professional resources at the disposal of every author, so that her manuscript may become a book that she can be proud of for years to come.

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